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  • Enables trading desks, agencies and brands to target and engage key audiences across the most popular facebook and mobile applications


  • With many of my clients needing high quality, innovative creative as well as strong performance, SupersonicAds deliver incredible results even with tight budgets, and consistently outperform their competitors.


    Tony Oakley, Digital Display Account Manager

    Total Media

  • Working with SupersonicAds enabled us to augment the content experience of our Fanta City campaign. In only 6 months, SupersonicAds delivered over 110,000 app Installs of the Fanta City game with the average user engaged for at least five minutes.

    Camilla Cottrell


  • SupersonicsAds has extensive coverage and optimized offers for our users in most important target regions. When we launched Top Eleven, SupersonicAds was able to deliver immediate revenue. SupersonicAds team made sure to understand our product and users, enabling perfectly tailored offers for our 4 million user base.

    Branko Milutinovic, CEO


  • ijji.com is making life a little sweeter for its European members with SupersonicAds' support. As we continue to build our European presence, providing third-party content that resonates with them is a must.

    Sirgoo Lee, CEO

    NHN USA, Inc.

  • We briefed SupersonicAds to come up with a stand out creative execution. Their custom execution was beautiful with fantastic results. We had engagement rates of up to 23% and the client was so happy that we up weighted the campaign and put SupersonicAds on the next movie release schedule. Their service and performance are of the highest standard.

    Leon Wharton, Group Head

    Mediacom, Universal Pictures

  • In working with rewards-based providers, one of IMVU's biggest requirements is for global reach. SupersonicAds provides a global solution and consistent inventory that helps maximize revenue opportunities with our users.

    Senior Director, Sales


  • We have seen the Event Organiser go from 400 monthly users to 4,000 which is amazing and also a substantial revenue increase through the app which is fantastic news.

    Social Media Team

    Odeon / UCI

  • Facebook gaming is a perfect environment to reach our target audience for this new range, and an ideal gateway to engage with them when they are relaxed and drive them to engage further with the Dove Colour Radiance range.

    Sophie Driscoll





  • Apr 07 2014

    The Final SDK

    SDK – Software Development Kit. Out of the myriad of acronyms in this space no other acronym is as often discussed or so passionately reviled.


    Everyone  has one, everyone wants to share theirs and no one wants anyone else’s. For the mobile app industry, it’s the veritable catch-22. You want all the awesome functionality these little guys contain to make your app better/more attractive to users, but don’t wont want to implement them to get it, because it will make your app bigger and more unruly, and thus less attractive to users. Yosarian would leap out of his skin...


    So whats all the fuss about? 


    The SDK itself is a small ‘library’ file which comes packed with all kinds of functionality and awesome tools which you can harness inside of your app. Instead of having to write all the code yourself, just drop this little guy into your build and BOOM, suddenly you have physics/graphical overhauls/analytics/and monetization products.


    The detractions of course are: 


    1. The size of the SDK itself. In order to ship as many units of your app as possible you need to make it super lean. Small enough to download over WiFi and to be super quick on the down take. Each MB of size increases the integration drop off which means serious ramifications for your distribution and potential earnings.


    2. Updating – The SDK comes packed with all kinds of features, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The company who made it, and convinced you to integrate it, must continually improve and update their product to make it better, faster and more current with new versions of device OS’s which, in turn are also iterating themselves.


    We at SSA are intimately aware of the world of SDK’s and the challenges they pose for publishers. Every day we listen to the pains our developer partners struggle with and the challenges our SDK can cause.


    We took all our developers, locked them away in a room for one week with a challenge: Come up with the ‘Final’ SDK – A way for a publisher to implement once and never update again. On top of that, make it a lean, mean, fighting machine.


    Honestly, in the beginning we didn’t think we would succeed, it would come down to just an exercise in brainstorming.


    Boy were we wrong…


    On April 27th, we will reveal: “The ‘Final’ SDK.”

    full story


  • Mar 14, 2014


    SupersonicAds Enhances Support for Best In Class Mobile Ad Providers to Round out Mobile App Supply Side Platform Offering

    The addition of support for these partners allows publishers to work with the most pervasive grouping of mobile ad providers on the planet, seamlessly and efficiently providing scalable solutions

    full story
  • Feb 26


    Marketing Week: In Game Advertising: Mind Games

    Video games have always boasted big audiences and been a proven draw and now brands are demonstrating they too can achieve interaction with clever in-game advertising.

    In-game advertising: Mind games | full story
  • Feb 25


    SupersonicAds Reports Exponential Growth in Flourishing Mobile Ad Market

    Significant adoption of mobile platforms by existing and new App Developers sets stage for an even better 2014

    full story
  • Jan. 29 2014


    SupersonicAds Announces Three Key Leadership Hires in North America

    SupersonicAds' is growing! — we announced an expansion of our North American leadership team with the creation of three new positions based at our San Francisco headquarters.

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