SupersonicAds is a global leader in advertising monetization for social entertainment applications on web and mobile.

The company's customizable, plug and play payment platform:
  • Enables agencies and brands to target and engage key audiences across the most popular facebook and mobile applications
  • Offers consumers the opportunity to opt-in and earn virtual currency or digital content by completing targeted offers, watching video ads and engaging with leading brands
  • Helps publishers achieve the industry's highest effective CPMs via reward-based and video advertising monetization.
We cover over 200 countries. Our offices are located in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London and Tel Aviv.
Consumer experience
With 500 million social game players worldwide, social gaming is one of the fastest growing forms of online media. Players initiate to view video content or complete a promotion in a "lean forward" environment, creating a very positive brand association. Other units can be linked to in-game achievements, which also fosters a uniquely positive experience. This environment, coupled with the opportunity to target players by age, gender, geo, and content genre ensures optimal engagement and ROI for both the advertiser and the consumer.
The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with satellite offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, United Kingdom and Tel Aviv, Israel.

User Experience

User Experience Social gaming is a lean-forward media experience, and the way we integrate with games means that players must choose to initiate the advert. This is essential to providing an unobtrusive user experience. The reward of virtual currency enables progression, giving a very positive brand experience. Coupled with the fact our advertising is targeted by game genre and demographic, this ensures the advert is relevant to them and is harmonious to the user experience.


We started in 2009 as the first virtual currency monetization platform to focus on the European market. Three years later, we have processed £50 million worth of these currencies. We are proud to have very strong relationships with top social game publishers, and many have chosen to work with us exclusively in integrating our BrandConnect and offer-based payments advertising solutions directly with them. We are a Facebook partner and we are the only company in the world that runs both CPA and video brand engagement campaigns in social games. As a well-established media network with a robust technological edge we work with the broadest range of publishers to optimize campaigns with the best possible reach, targeting and performance.