SupersonicAds respects the privacy of its users. The terms set forth below will set forth and explain the principles of the privacy policy practiced by SupersonicAds in relation to the SupersonicAds website (, including all related web pages controlled by SupersonicAds (the “Website”). Amongst other things, the terms hereunder will provide details as to the manner in which SupersonicAds shall use any information provided by any user within the framework of such user’s visits and use of the Website and/or any services provided by or via the Website (the “Services”), and/ or any information collected by SupersonicAds during your visiting and use of the Website and/or Services

For the avoidance of doubt, in any instance in which any of the terms ”user”, “you”, “your” or alike is used in the Terms of Use, the meaning is to any person using, or who has used, the Website and/or any of the Services provided by and/or via the Website, regardless whether used in singular or plural. The services provided by SupersonicAds are primarily services enabling the posting of advertisements by certain third party advertisers on various websites, online games, social applications, social networks and other similar online applications (“Applications”) and therefore the users of the Website and the Services are primarily advertisers or the owners/operators of said Applications, their representatives or related parties.

Should you be forwarded, whether by a link or an advertisement or otherwise, to any Application or other website which is not operated by SupersonicAds, please note that the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy do not apply to your use of said Application or other website or any information that you provide on such Application or other website. SupersonicAds is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by you providing any information on any such Application or website, including without limitation, due to any the use of personal information or otherwise, and SupersonicAds cannot ensure the same standards of data protection as those in force on the Website. Accordingly, it is recommended that you first inspect the particular privacy policy pertaining to any such Application or website before disclosing any personal information.

Disclosure of Information

Please note that in order to utilize the Website and/or the Services, you may be requested to provide certain information in connection with your registering to use the Website and/or the Services and/or you use thereof. Such required information could differ depending on the type of Services you are utilizing and could including, without limitation, certain contact information, information relating to any advertisement you wish to advertise and the content therein, your preferences as to which type of Applications or website you wish to advertise on, any information related to your Applications including any information, content, functions or there related characteristic or issue therein, information regarding your preference as to which type of advertisements you wish to appear on your Application or not to, and any other information which you may be provide in connection with the Website, the Services and/or any use thereof.

Please be advised that while such information is required in order to provide you with the full benefit of the Website and the Services offered by SupersonicAds, you are not required by law to provide any of the foregoing information and it is solely your choice whether you decided to do so or not.

Your Information Collected/Received by SupersonicAds

Any information that you shall provide while registering for or while using the Website and/or the Services as aforesaid and any other personally identifiable information provided, will be stored in a database of SupersonicAds. In addition to the information that you shall disclose actively in connection with your use of the Website and/or the Services and/or the registration thereof, it is possible that certain information about you may be accumulated including, amongst other things, personalized and general information, such as information regarding the manner in which you use the Website and/or the Services, the sections of the Website you have visited, the type of Services used and any other services and/or offers in which you have shown interest, behavior and surfing habits regarding other sites and Applications to which you were forwarded from the Website or via use of the Services, the type of Applications in which you advertise, the type of advertisements you enable to be displayed on or via your Application, any other activities that have interested you, the placement of the computer via which you have visited the Website, Internet Protocol address ("IP Address"), a unique user ID, version of software installed, system type, screen resolutions, color capabilities, plug-ins, language settings, cookie preferences, search engine keywords, JavaScript enablement, the dates and times that you visit the Website and/or use the Services, paths taken, and time spent on sites and pages etc. You may also provide SupersonicAds with demographic information. Additionally, the SupersonicAds Website and/or the Services may contain electronic image requests that enable SupersonicAds to count web page views and to access cookies. SupersonicAds web beacons do not collect, monitor or share any personally identifiable information and their purpose is to compile anonymous information about web site usage.

In addition to the foregoing, Application owners/operators provide SupersonicAds with information regarding the activities of users on their Applications. SupersonicAds requires such information in order to provide the Services and such information does not enable such users to be identified as individual persons, except in the event that the applicable user has expressly waived the right of confidentiality in relation to said information.


SupersonicAds does not knowingly collect or maintain personally identifiable information from persions under the age of 13. To the extent that SupersonicAds is made aware of any such infomariton in its possession that has been received by SupersonicAds via the Website or use of the Services, Supersonicads shall then take requisite steps in order to delete such information from its data bases.

Accordingly, in the event that you suspect your child or any other child has provided SupersonicAds with personally identiiable information, we request that you contact us as soon as possible and inform us thereof in order to ensure that such information shall be promptly deleted.

Furthermore, please be advised that there are various resources designed to assist parents in monitoring and, if required, limiting the use of their children of the Interenet Use of the Information. SupersonicAds shall store all the aforesaid information relating to you in its databases, however the use of such information shall only be in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy and/or in accordance with the provisions of any law, for any one or more of the following purposes, and by using the Services and/or Website, you are expressly agreeing to use of the information for the following purposes:
(a) To enable normal use of the Website and/or Services and to enable use of the various services available on the Website and/or Services and the various activities that shall be offered from time to time on the Website and/or Services. (b) Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, information provided by advertisers may be disclosed to Application owners/operators and vice versa (information provided by Application owners/operators to advertisers) with the purpose of providing the Services subject to the applicable applications terms and conditions.
(c) For the purpose of handling and processing any payments, SupersonicAds shall be entitled to transfer certain user related information as may be required by the designated external service providers who are responsible for the collection of any payments made in connection with the Website and/or the Services insofar as such disclosure is deemed necessary by said external service providers in order to determine the amounts required to be paid and the settlement of said accounts with the user.
(d) If SupersonicAds cooperates with third parties in order to render any of its Services and is required to provide such third parties with any of the foregoing information in connection with the provision of such services, then it shall require such third party to adhere to the applicable data protection regulations and to provide for adequate data protection.
(e) To improve and enrich the Website and/or the Services, amongst other things, to create new services and content suitable for the requirements of the Website and/or Services, and to control and supervise the Website and the existing Services;
(f) For the purpose of research regarding demography, interests, and behavior and for the purpose of determining, computing, processing, creating and publishing general statistics, in connection with the users of the Website and/or Services and any information provided by the users and/or obtained in connection with any use of the Website and/or the Services as stated above, and for disclosing such statistics to third parties for commercial and other uses, however not in a manner that shall expose the connection between any use and such user’s private or confidential information or that shall otherwise identify the user. SupersonicAds may also aggregate and use the information stored for research, advertising or marketing purposes and may share, sell and rent or trade that information and statistical data derived from that information with advertisers, vendors, customers or other third parties for research or marketing purposes. The aforementioned utilization of data is carried out anonymously and SupersonicAds does not use automatically collected information to identify a particular User. To the extent that SupersonicAds shall use any such information for the purpose of creating and maintaining user profiles, it shall not transfer such user profiles to any third party without the prior consent the applicable user.
(g) For the purpose of contacting you, or enabling certain advertisers to contact you, from time to time, including via electronic mail in order to refer you to certain information in connection with the Website and/or Services, and other marketing and advertising information on behalf of SupersonicAds or other advertisers, based on the information you have submitted or otherwise conveyed pursuant to use of the Website and/or the Services. SupersonicAds may also use your email address, for various communications, such as administrative communications, for customer service purposes, to address copyright infringement or defamation issues, or to contact you regarding the upload or download of any Content.
It is important to point out, that you are entitled, at any time, to remove your address from the mail list of SupersonicAds by contacting SupersonicAds at the following address: For the purpose of forming and analyzing statistical information regarding the activity on the Website and/or Services and transfer of such information to third parties, including advertisers. The information used for such a purpose is mostly statistical and does not personally identify you.
(h) For any other purpose detailed in this privacy policy, these Terms of Use and/or as detailed under the specific terms of use in connection with any services provided in connection with the Website and/or Services.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

SupersonicAds shall not disclose to any third parties your personal information and/or information collected in connection with your use of the Website and/or Services insofar as such information identifies you personally, except in any of the following occurrences:
(a) In the event that you shall breach any terms set forth in these Terms of Use and/or if you perform via the Website and/or Services, or in connection with the Website and/or Services, any acts that are illegal (including act that, in the sole opinion of SupersonicAds, may be illegal), or any attempt to perform any of the foregoing. It is clarified that SupersonicAds shall be entitled to disclose personal information that identifies you as may be required under applicable law including, without limitation, in the event that a court or administrative order to provide such personal information and/or your personal details to any third party in the foregoing circumstances.
(b) In the event of any dispute, claim, suit, or other legal proceedings of any kind between you and SupersonicAds.
(c) In any event that, in the opinion of SupersonicAds, the disclosure of such information is required in order to prevent damage to your body or to your property, or to the property or body of any other third party. In such event, SupersonicAds shall use its reasonable best efforts in order to notify you of such disclosure.
(d) In any event where the Website and/or Services and/or any rights related to the Website and/or Services and/or in the event that the operation of the Website and/or Services is transferred by SupersonicAds to any other entity including, without limitation, in the event that the Website and/or Services is sold, of the merger of SupersonicAds with any third party and/or any restructuring in connection with SupersonicAds, provided however that the entity to whom the information is disclosed shall undertake to comply with the provisions of this privacy policy or a privacy policy substantially similar to this privacy policy.
(e) We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on this Site, which may, directly or indirectly, collect or use information about your visits to this site to display advertisements more tailored to your interests. If you wish to know more about this practice or would like to know more about your options, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) web-site: The NAI is a cooperative of online advertising companies who are committed to responsible practices and consumer protection.

Collection of Information by Use of Technological Means.

SupersonicAds uses technological means known as “Cookies” for the purpose operating the Website and/or Services and maintaining the Website and/or Services in normal working order, within the framework of which SupersonicAds also collects statistical information in connection with the use of the Website and/or Services, verification of data, and to suit the Website and/or Services to your personal preferences and data security requirements. Cookies are text files that are created by your Internet browser in accordance with instructions provided to it by the system computers. Some of the “Cookies” will be deleted from your computer once you close the Internet browser, however others will be saved on your computer. Cookies contain information such as the Internet WebPages you have visited, the time spent on each site, from where you arrived at the Website and/or Services etc. They are also used for a quick and easy entrance into your account on the Website and/or Services, by “memorizing” your details in parts of the Website and/or Services that require registration. The information in a Cookie is encrypted, and SupersonicAds uses security means that are commonly acceptable in the industry in order to protect the security of the information and its computers.

SupersonicAds advises you that you may learn how to review and modify your computer’ settings regarding cookies. Please be advised that some of the business partners of SupersonicAds use cookies obtained in connection with the use of the Website and/or the Services. SupersonicAds has no control over these cookies. The terms and conditions of these Terms of Use only cover the use of the cookies by SupersonicAds and not the use of cookies by any other entities (such as advertisers, etc.).

Information Security.

SupersonicAds implements on the Website and/or Services certain procedures and systems for maintaining the security of information. It is important to remember that despite the fact that such procedures and systems greatly diminish the risk of any unauthorized pervasions to the system’s computers, they do not provide absolute security. Accordingly, SupersonicAds is unable to warrant or undertake that the Website and/or Services and/or the services provided by the Website and/or Services will be fully protected against any unauthorized pervasions.

Right to Access the Information and Delete the Information or Portions Thereof. Any person is entitled to access and view, either by themselves, via any representative empowered to do so in writing or via a guardian, information about themselves stored upon the database. Additionally, such person is entitled, in certain circumstances, to approach the owner of the database and request that the information be corrected or erased and the database owner shall act in such circumstances in the manner prescribed under any applicable law and remove such information from the database as promptly as may be reasonably expected subject to technical and internal organizational requirements. Additionally, if the information stored in the database of SupersonicAds is used by it for the purpose of direct marketing of commercial offers you shall be entitled, subject to the provisions of any applicable law, to write to SupersonicAds at the following address and to demand that SupersonicAds delete the foregoing information from its databases. It is clarified that, pursuant to any such notification, SupersonicAds shall only delete such information that is required in order to send you such foregoing commercial proposals. In such case, please note that the information required by SupersonicAds for the purpose of managing the Website and/or Services and its business including, without limitation, documentation of commercial and other transactions that you have performed on the Website and/or Services or via the Website and/or Services, shall continue to be stored in the databases as required under any law, but shall not be continued to use for the purpose of approaching you.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Please note that SupersonicAds retains its right to change, from time to time, without being required to provide any notification, and at its sole discretion the provisions of the privacy policy as detailed herein. Accordingly, it is advised to visit this Web page from time to time in order to see any such changes and to view the Terms of Use.