James Salins on Beet.tv: Mobile Video Ads Must Go Short And Get Out: Supersonic’s Salins

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COLOGNE — TV ads may need to be re-cut in half before they are simply shovelled in to mobile apps, says one executive working at the sharp end. “The idea of putting a 30-second TV spot as a pre-roll or a CPV video in mobile is dying,” says app advertising group Supersonic’s European MD James Salins.

“What we need … is to educate both media agencies and creative agencies about the virtues of mobile video – which tends to be 10 or 15 seconds. You entertain, inform – and get out.”

Supersonic is currently building out its Beijing office after taking a $15m investment in July to expand in Asia-Pacific. Next up are Japan and India, Salins says.

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Gil Shoham on Casual Connect: USA

Gil Shoham, Co-Founder and CEO or Supersonic had the opportunity to sit down with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice.com at Casual Connect: USA 2014 – below is the interview.

The Interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from TechnologyAdvice.com (they provide coverage content on employee training games, cloud-based platforms, and business intelligence trends and much more). Also be sure to check out their Tech Conference Calendar to view other events like Casual Connect (Supersonic was a sponsor this year).

Supersonic at Casual Connect: USA


Supersonic Secures $15 million in Series B Financing Round, Discloses $100 Million Run Rate in Q3 and Imminent Expansion to APAC

The company plans to open offices in Beijing, Tokyo and Bangalore by the close of Q3, increase investment in audience targeting capabilities and attribution.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JULY 21, 2014 – Supersonic, formerly SupersonicAds, a leading in-app monetization and user acquisition platform, announced that it has closed a USD $15M million Series B financing round led by a new investor, SAIF Partners, one of China’s largest venture capital firms. The company will use the funds to further its growth, which is on track to cross annual revenue run rate of $100 million this quarter, and expand its operations in the APAC region.

What drew SAIF Partners and existing investor, Greylock Partners to fund the round was Supersonic’s plans to expand its business in China, Japan and India; with offices slated to open in Beijing, Tokyo and Bangalore by the close of the 3rd quarter 2014.

“We are significantly expanding our engineering and data teams to build user targeting capabilities on mobile. Working closely and experimenting with app developers and marketers over the past few years, we have identified several interesting opportunities that we believe will significantly improve user acquisition effectiveness and ROI,” said Gil Shoham, Co-Founder and CEO, Supersonic. “We view this investment as an opportunity to reach our aggressive growth goals over the next 18 months. By taking strategic investments from one of the most successful venture capital firms in China, as well as our existing investors, we believe we have secured the best possible outcome in the region.”

“Supersonic has a proven track record of excellent growth and diversification within its product offering,” said Yoram Snir, Partner, Greylock IL. “We’ve been consistently impressed with their ability to stay ahead of the competition in innovation, long-term strategy and execution”.

“Supersonic has shown substantial growth in a challenging marketplace, winning some of the world’s most well known developers with it’s Supply-Side-Platform,” said Ben Ng, Partner with SAIF, who will be joining Supersonic’s board. “We are looking forward to working with the Supersonic team and to help establish the company as the leader in their space in APAC and globally.”

The Series B financing brings the total raised by Supersonic to $23.2 million and is the latest milestone in a significant growth period for the company. By the end of 2014, Supersonic estimates it will hire an additional 100 employees bringing the total to 250 people worldwide. Supersonic has been a global leader in in-app advertising since 2009 and has been making in-roads to the US market over the past 2 years. Aside from international expansion plans, Supersonic will also be making significant investments in its existing audience targeting and app attribution technology, and increasing awareness in the industry about their Supply-Side-Platform.

About Supersonic
Supersonic is the mobile advertising technology platform of choice for the app economy. Developers across the globe use our cloud-based SDK to serve beautiful video and native ads to generate significant revenue. Leveraging our advanced user acquisition technology, developers and brands target the right audiences and top the charts, while building sustainable engagement and substantial ROI. The company employs cutting edge machine learning models for Real-Time-Bidding, Supply Auctioning, device level targeting and Lifetime-Value prediction. We work with several fortune 500 brands, as well as the world’s largest app developers from our global offices in the US, Europe and Asia. Visit: www.supersonicads.com

About Greylock IL
Greylock IL is an affiliate fund of Greylock Partners with offices in Israel and London. Some of the fund’s investments include: Actifio, Aeroscout, ScaleIO, iZettle, JustEat, Hybris and Payoneer. For more information visit: www.greylockil.com



SupersonicAds Rebrands to Supersonic, Launches New Website and Unveils New Logo

Company Changes Name to Supersonic to Better Align with Market Position and mobile first offerings

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JULY 17, 2014 – SupersonicAds – a leading in-app monetization and user acquisition platform, today announced that it has changed the company name to Supersonic as part of a company-wide rebrand that promises to help elevate market share and better align with current offerings.

“We have witnessed first-hand the escalation of mobile in both brand’s strategies to engage consumers and in developers willingness to build from a mobile first perspective,” said, Gil Shoham, Co-Founder and CEO, Supersonic. “With our new market positioning, we intend to double-down on our current strategy and aggressively go after more market share. The next 18 months are going to be make or break for many companies.”

With mobile app developers and brands increasingly turning to monetization and user acquisition strategies, Supersonic has become the go-to source to power campaigns for clients on both the developer and brand sides. Supersonic works to ensure a symbiotic relationship between brands and developers. We help brands grow their users for their apps and in turn, we bring brand advertisers to apps in order to help developers monetize their content.

Globally, Supersonic boasts an impressive roster of developer and brand clients. Many of the developer clients are also using the Supersonic Supply-Side-Platform (SSP) to fulfill their supply side needs and to manage mobile ad network clients. Supersonic’s mobile SSP was launched in 2012, and through the cloud-based SDK has become one of the fastest growing segments of the business due to the ease of integration as well as the baked in accessibility of inventory that allows developers to scale as needed and on demand.

About Supersonic
Supersonic is the mobile advertising technology platform of choice for the app economy. Developers across the globe use our cloud-based SDK to serve beautiful video and native ads to generate significant revenue. Leveraging our advanced user acquisition technology, developers and brands target the right audiences and top the charts, while building sustainable engagement and substantial ROI. The company employs cutting edge machine learning models for Real-Time-Bidding, Supply Auctioning, device level targeting and Lifetime-Value prediction. We work with fortune 500 brands, as well as the world’s largest app developers from our global offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

Hooray for Digital Hollywood!

As the Entertainment industry descended on Marina Del Rey for the Digital Hollywood festival, there were key points being raised time and again over the 4 days of seminars, panels, round tables and think tanks, all of which bode very well for anyone in the digital space.

With the panellists being esteemed industry execs offering insight into what the next 24 months holds for digital entertainment, there were a couple of core subjects that seemed to dominate both fact and opinion, and SupersonicAds was there to soak it all in and bathe in the glow of what should be a very fruitful next few years.

In fact, Hollywood currently only spends 5% of its marketing budget on digital but forecasts that to rise to 30% in the next 2 years due to some key factors and shifts in the market which are going to drive that growth – Native advertising and second screen social viewing.

As the digital media landscape matures and we move away from shotgun-blast display formats, studios are looking toward Native – but not as a new format. Indeed, native has been around for a long time in the press and now digital is starting to bring that to the new age. If ads are to be engaging and publishers demand not to run ads that alienate and annoy users, there has to be a synergistic approach between content and media delivery. The app world offers new opportunity for native content partnerships, and whilst the age old argument of incent vs. non-incent video delivery is still not going away. It’s still incent video that delivers the reach and “positive user experience” that non-incent cannot yet provide.

So whilst the movie industry looks at digital for big reach, it’s actually the TV networks that are showing high levels of creativity and have shown to really embrace the social aspects of digital and with very good reason. Breaking Bad is the series that was dominating the summer viewing and anyone glancing at their newsfeed or twitter show what a success it was in popular culture, but what has come to light since the show has finished is that the finale had 3 times the views of previous episodes. These are not new viewers just watching one episode but the hard-to-quantify, catch-up viewers and the scarily large numbers of “cable cutters” that are viewing on their Apple TV or Roku device.

Audience measurement is the business end of entertainment and when it comes to justifying ad dollars, the audience is a currency in itself. As a result, Hollywood and television networks are putting big pressure on Nielsen and the traditional audience quantifiers to start getting smarter with the metrics and literally “get with the program” as current trends are so far beyond what they measure. Indeed studios don’t just want to measure reach anymore – now engagement is becoming a currency in its own right. 75% of all new shows aired last year across any network have twitter feeds and find fan engagement a key to their success. Entertainment brands now structure their production models with fan participation as paramount. Jim Cannella, Director of Marketing for The Grammys, says that 70% of his audience now interacts with two screens on two devices.

John Roberts, EVP Digital Strategy for Endemol, says that they are looking to build game shows exclusively for digital streaming on Hulu and Netflix. Now with these online exclusive “micro-budget” shows can feed the networks with successful show formats at low risk. SyFy/NBC Universal have taken it one step further and introduce pre-season content to audiences through digital on consoles and apps to introduce and educate their audience on each character before the shows airs on TV networks. Digital really is influencing old media like never before and even gaming is now considered not just a brand spin-off, but increasingly the bread winner of an entertainment franchise’s brand extension.

Games based on movies are set to exceed box office revenue this year. GTA made $1 billion dollars in 2 weeks – numbers that make studio execs start to position gaming as a core part of any revenue strategy. Chris Carvalho of Kabam still insists Facebook will be the “Kingmaker” in this space as they showed with Zynga and King. Today, the free-to-play market is worth $31 Billion dollars. It won’t be long before every studio and the networks start to “play the game.”
Digital Hollywood Since 1994, over forty thousand industry executives have attended Digital Hollywood in Los Angeles, New York, San Jose and in Las Vegas, including representatives of every major studio, technology company, cable, satellite and communications company, retailers as well as content developers and programmers for all entertainment industry medias and market segments

SupersonicAds Introduces Ultra for Mobile: Turnkey SSP to Streamline Cross-Platform Ad Management

SupersonicAds Introduces Ultra for Mobile Turnkey SSP to Streamline Cross-Platform Ad Management SupersonicAds Media Group has introduced Ultra for Mobile, a powerful enhancement to its supply side platform, Ultra, which enables publishers and developers to sell inventory across all screens. Ultra for Mobile helps publishers and developers to capitalize on increasing mobile ad budgets worldwide. With dozens of live publishers and developers such as King, Social Point, Wooga, Digital Chocolate and Meez, Ultra boasts the most robust global reach and frequency management and optimization capabilities. Ultra for Mobile is SDK-less allowing for quick & simple integration based on server API calls. The ease of adding new providers, reporting, and optimizing across platforms and geographies results in lower costs, shorter development cycles and a significant uplift in ARPU and revenue for mobile game and app developers. Using Ultra’s advanced dashboard, mobile game and app developers can compare in-app purchases and revenue from all ad formats side-by-side with platform, provider, country and product breakdowns, providing the full picture and insight they need to grow their business. Ultra’s mobile optimization technology provides full transparency and real time provider yield optimization, A/B tests and product optimization. “Managing mobile inventory is a challenge for our partners. Ultra for Mobile creates substantial cost and time efficiencies by enabling our partners to manage and sell their inventory across multiple advertising sources through one robust turnkey platform,” SupersonicAds Media Group CEO Gil Shoham said. Ultra for Mobile allows social game and app developers to: Add multiple mobile video SDKs to support any provider Aggregate data from all ad providers, placements and formats, into one powerful dashboard that includes critical insights such as fill rates, ARPU and eCPM Optimize ad revenue upward of 30-50% using real time yield and fill rate optimization Obtain full control over advertising guidelines such as minimum pricing, video length, ad content and more, as well as user experience guidelines such as amount of ads per user; all managed per country, user segment (e.g. paying or non-paying user), ad placement and game title level efforts Manual and automatic optimization per country/per app Maintain positive and uninterrupted user experiences Juniper Research finds that in-app advertising spend across all mobile devices will reach $7.1 billion by 2015, up from $2.4 billion in 2012. Consumers are spending ever more time using apps on their smartphones and tablets and it is crucial to ensure that marketing material is adapted for mobile. Ultra for mobile allows app and game developers access to growing revenue opportunities and superior eCPM rates. “Our goal is to bring more efficiency and effectiveness into the ad monetization process so that our partners can increase their advertising-based revenue. That means better measurement of cross-platform, cross-device results and better performance on mobile than business-as-usual,” added Shoham. Ultra is optimized for Facebook, iOS and Android and is IAB VAST and VPAID compliant.

Back To School Marketing

With the school year wrapping up for students, it’s time for marketers to begin their back to school campaigns. Here are 3 tips to help get you started to succeed in today’s growing ad landscape of opportunities. Appeal to social audiences who are already engaged in social games and apps. Social games and apps produce positive emotions among users that any back to school campaign can be a part of by offering value to social gamers with reward-based video ads. Encourage these audiences to engage with your brand and amplify the campaign by integrating a post reward call to action, such as “Like us on Facebook”, “share” or “Tweet.” Be a helpful, informative, convenient resource to consumers with a cross platform campaign to reach back to school shoppers. Moms are 68% more likely to respond to ads that relate to their personality or lifestyle while engaging them. According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 60 percent of smartphone owners and 72 percent of Facebook app users prefer to see immersive, interactive ads versus static banner ads. Opt-in advertising promotes a direct line of engagement between the brand and consumers. The consumer chooses to engage with a brand, because the brand offered quality, interesting content that appealed to them – like entertaining videos or relevant offers. It’s not only about Mom. Don’t focus on only targeting moms, because she’s not the only shopper you have to convince: 23% of dads and 84% of teens say they’re getting more involved in back-to-school shopping and 80% of those in charge of making back to school purchases say their children influence what’s actually bought. Leverage targeting capabilities to reach the whole family in contextually relevant environments. Whether your campaign is geared for grad schoolers, teens or first time college students, a variety of cross media opportunities that reach and engage the entire audience is the key.

Monetization Product Boosts Daily Revenue By 100%

A leading social entertainment site approached SupersonicAds to increase existing ad-based revenue streams. SupersonicAds’ turn-key Double Payout promotion technique incentivized users to engage with the application during a limited promotion period and increased the value to users by doubling the rewards for each offer completion. SupersonicAds provided guidance on best practices for implementing and publicizing the promotion for maximum effectiveness, directly leading to daily revenue increasing by 100%.